The spectacular sandstone wilderness of the Cederberg mountain range boasts a vast network of trails, and plenty places where one can hike and camp in the pristine mountain environment.

If roughing it is not up your alley, there are riverside campsites with ablutions, as well as comfortable chalet accommodation to choose from. An awe-inspiring range of day hikes is available to suit all fitness and energy levels. We can also visit wine farms and see the indigenous San rock paintings.

The unique rock formations, crystal streams and awe-inspiring star displays will make a trip to the Cederberg the highlight of any Cape holiday. It is best to have at least 3 nights available to ensure 2 full days of hiking. Simply let me know what you’re in the mood for and I’ll design a trip to remember.

Grade A or B
Time 2 to 5 days
Cost From R2400 per day (minimum 2 people), excluding accommodation, permits, food and transport.
Difficulty Options are available ranging from a-walk-in-the-park to challenging.

Now is the time to discover more of the amazing nature in our backyard!
Contact Mike for more details on hiking and scrambling on Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula.

Cederberg Arch