Why use a guide?
Although the mountaintop can be seen from the city, Table Mountain is a lot bigger and more complex than it seems. Good route-finding is essential for safety on all but a few of the easiest routes. Rope safety may also be necessary on some of the more exposed and steep routes. Also, the unpredictable weather makes a day on the mountain potentially hazardous if one is unprepared and unfamiliar with the terrain and complex weather patterns.

As well as taking away the stresses of route-finding and safety, Mike will also provide visitors with a wealth of information about the flora, fauna, geology, history and culture of the Cape environment.

What will it cost me?
Costs are per person, based on groups of two people. Larger groups will pay less per person.
Single hikers pay R1800 for a half-day hike (up to 4 hours), and R2400 for a full day.

Descent is always by cable car, unless arranged otherwise. If the cableway closes due to strong wind, we will hike down by the easiest route. This will add 2 hours, and R400 per person.

Overnight hike prices exclude transport, food, accommodation (unless otherwise stated) and permits.

Prices do not include the following: snacks, water, cable-car fee, Kirstenbosch entrance fees, and taxi fare back to start if necessary.

A lunch and water pack can be provided at a cost of R300 per person.

Pick-up and drop-off in the central Cape Town area, for up to 3 people, can be arranged at no extra charge.

What do the grades mean?
A easy walking, maybe uphill
A+ more difficult walking, steep uphill and will require endurance
B mainly walking, but includes easy rock pitches (may require a rope)
C scrambling route, will require rope safety

What is the weather like?
The Western Cape is settled neatly within a Mediterranean climate, which generally means hot, dry, windy summers, and cold, wet winters. The in-between seasons are generally the best for hiking as the weather is milder and more stable. Table Mountain, however, tends to have its own unique weather patterns. Even on the hottest days, sudden changes in the wind can cause thick wet clouds to cover the mountaintop. Hikers should always be properly equipped with warm clothing, at least 1.5 litres of water, good sun protection and food.

What do I need to bring?
It is essential to have the following:

  • A warm, waterproof jacket
  • Enough water – at least 1.5 litres
  • Adequate sun protection, including a hat and sunblock
  • Decent footwear – hiking boots or trainers. Sandals or flip-flops won’t work.
  • Comfortable clothes (no jeans!)
  • Snacks, if you are not choosing the lunch pack option
  • And don’t forget your camera to snap those perfect shots!
  • A small day-pack to carry it all in 

    Now is the time to discover more of the amazing nature in our backyard!
    Contact Mike for more details on hiking and scrambling on Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula.